Logistics Web Page Project

I am undertaking a project for a Logistics Website. The initial goal is simple. Create a Logistics Website that can search “Deliveries”. We are starting with the basic functions then will move on to add more.

The System design is made up of two web sites. First is the Member Site , where it is designed to be accessed by the Logistics customers. Second is the Admin Site, which will be used by the Logistics Business operators.

Technologies used:

1.) MongoDB for Database – I choose MongoDB since its very simple to setup

2.) Java – The programming language I prefer and have most experience of.

3.) Tomcat – For the web-server, still very simple to setup

4.) Eclipse – For the development environment. The IDE I have most experience of.

5.) Front end  – CSS, JSTL, J2EE and JQuery. I am also thinking if we can use AngularJS.

Project Progress:

1.) Front End and Sample Demo

– Supported Front end functions and already connected to the database are as follows.

1. Login ( Member Site )

2. Create Account ( Member Site )

3. Display Account ( Member Site )

4. Login and Menu ( Admin Site )

5. Create Account  ( Admin Site )

6. Create Transaction  ( Admin Site )

7. Search Transaction by ID ( Admin Site )

See sample video

2.) Database Code

– The MongdoDB Basic CRUD operations are now coded in Java. The database design and Java model classes are already created. So far here are the basic functions.

1. Add Customer

2. Search by Customer Name

3. Search by Sender Name, In all Customers

3.) Webpage Screenshots.

Member Site



Show customer account details

Admin Site




More demo videos will soon be provided.


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