Basic Java

Using Property Files in Java
Java Basics – Parent and Child Class
Java Basics – Try, Catch, Finally
Object Oriented Topics in Java
Stating the difference of common Java tools
Difference between Oracle JDK and Open JDK
Java Substring
Bitwise Operations in Java
Difference between EAR and WAR files

Java Advanced

JMS Basics
Google Calendar API
Google Calendar API – sample codes
Eclipse Plug-in Development
Enterprise Java Beans
JUnit using Mockito
JNDI explained
JDBC vs Connection Pool
Webpage development in Java using Spring MVC, JSTL, Javascript and JQuery
Sort date with timezone format using Joda time

Java Servlet

web.xml explained
How to create JSP response without hardcoding the HTML in java code
Servlet cookie and multithread
Distributable Web Application
Servlet is multithread by default

Spring ( Java IOC framework )

Spring IOC Features
Spring Bean Factory Basics
Spring Containers: BeanFactory and ApplicationContext Difference
Spring Basic Controller
Spring Controller and Container
Struts + Spring + Hibernate Integration

Hibernate ( Java Database framework )

How Hibernate is integrated in Spring
JPA and Hibernate basics
Hibernate Advanced Concepts
Hibernate vs. iBatis
How Hibernate is integrated in Spring
hibernate.cfg.xml explained

MongoDB ( No SQL DB )

MongoDB and Java
Starting up with MongoDB
MongoDB in Java: Search for a value in a nested entry
MongoDB in Java: Get a single database entry value by key

Android Development ( Similar with Java )

Create a new Android Project in Eclipse
Setting Android versions in AndroidManifest.xml
More Android Basics
Steps to sign the APK – for Google Play acceptance

REST Web-service in Java

How to retrieve a list from a REST webservice?
Coding in REST JERSEY Basics
What is REST and JERSEY

IBM Websphere

Webshpere Node Synchronization Check
IBM Websphere Basics


How do we create a website in Perl?
Object Oriented Programming in Perl


HTML / CSS dropdown menu
Search/Filter a text list by Javascript key-up
Angular JS Introduction
Hide a textbox on dropdown select using JQuery
Parallax Webpage effect using Materialize CSS
Picture catalog in HTML and CSS
MVVM Design in Web UI using Knockout JS and Angular JS

Software Development Process and Management

Project Points of Improvement
My take on AGILE
Key Skills for Effective Project Management


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