Cebu CM Solutions Services

Cebu CM Solutions is your contact for Software Solutions to the Island of Cebu, Philippines.

Just recently, Cebu has been named as one of the top Software start-up destinations, according to and as published in the Cebu Local News

To get access on the latest on Cebu software development, its talents, start-up companies, technical schools and university students, Cebu CM Solutions will provide you with information and services on how to start, set-up or consult on a Software Project in Cebu.

Cebu CM Solutions aims to be a “Global Software Developer and Provider of IT Services”. Being “Global” means that its services provided aims to be at par with the those provided in the United States, Europe, Australia or Japan. Cebu CM Solutions has to deliver on the same quality to meet the highest global standards on Software Development and IT services.


How is this achieved…

1.) With an experience on dealing with international clients ( USA, Japan, Europe ), We get are equipped with on how to deal with their expectations and standards.
2.) Technical Expertise on the Full Stack of Software Development. This include the following:
– Design and Specifications
– Front End ( Web UI ) Coding
– Back End ( Application Control ) Coding
– Database
– Testing
– Hardware and Infrastructure
– System Integration
3.) Keeping up with the latest trends in IT, Computing and Software Development
4.) We will contact Software Companies, Software Developers, College Students within Cebu, or even reach out to other Philippine Software Developers around the country or even based abroad.
5.) Aside from developing technical skillsets, we also aim to develop software process, foreign language training and softskills. We will then contact freelance trainers, subject matter experts and facilitators based in Cebu.

Focus of expansion

Talent development starts at grassroots level. Cebu CM Solutions will coordinate with schools and colleges for potential IT talent. Other experienced software developers and IT professionals that are non software developers by profession ( tech support, or other line of business ) but have technical knowledge will also be tapped. Training will be provided for the candidates to be job-ready.

Cost of Services

The cost of services are expected to be low or even on free trail since this is a start-up venture.

Target global regions to outsource

1.) Japan / 日本



– ウェブサイトのソフトウェア開発

– ソフトウェア開発のためのセブ島でのタレント検索

– 私たちは、セブ島の他のソフトウェア会社との調整になります



2.) Europe

We accept clients from the European Continent. Europe is recognized as a world leader in Tech and Software innovations ( SAP, Skype, Nokia, Amadeus IT,, IntelliJ and etc.. )  . They can try to find IT talents in Cebu. There are numerous successful European companies that find Cebu a good place to invest in. There seem to be no barrier in English skills, and timezone intercepts after half-day. Overall, Cebu is a cost efficient site and there are plenty of talent around the Philippines willing to relocate in Cebu. We can also coordinate with other European outsource companies here in Cebu.


3. ) United States and Canada

North America has been pioneer of the outsourcing industry here in the Philippines. Starting from Call Center offices, Business Process Outsourcing and Software Development, there are numerous US based companies in Cebu, may it be large multinational firms, or medium and small scale enterprise. There is almost no language and culture barrier since the Philippines knows American culture very well ( US was the last foreign colony in the country ) . Timezone is the real challenge but even though this is a prevalent problem, companies still outsource to the Philippines. The reverse time zone may be an advantage for doing 24-hour operations and monitoring.


4.) Other countries

The Philippines also has close collaboration to other Asian nations and the Oceania continent. The Philippines has a geographical location and timezone advantage to countries such as China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand. These countries are highly considered as top economic partners of the Philippines.

Getting the talents nationwide

We will get the right talents sourced from all over the Philippines. With Cebu’s central location, we will contact and search for people within the Philippines’ major cities such as Davao, Tacloban, Bohol, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Manila.


Doing business in Cebu / Cebu recent developments

See these compilation of videos to see what Cebu is all about. In a nutshell, Cebu is a central island of the Philippines. Known as the oldest city in the Philippines in history, and with a culture of entrepreneurs. Famous Cebu business owners are: Aboitiz ( Real Estate and Utilities ) , Gaisano ( Shopping malls ) , Cobonpue ( Furniture ), Gokongwei ( Airline and Real Estate ) and a lot of other successful medium and small enterprises. Cebu is very famous for its beach resorts that are just minutes away from the city center. The island is also mountainous, therefore the highland setting is also very prevalent.

Overall, Cebu is almost complete as a total package of become a world-class city. A paradise island, cost of living and livability is good, commerce is high, but public transport needs an upgrade.

Cebu Resorts

Recent developments in Cebu

Cebu Skyline compilation video

Cebu from the Sky

For more information on doing an outsource business or investing in Cebu and in the Philippines.

Experience and records of Cebu CM Solutions

1.) Experience in full stack development on various software projects (small to large scale) from several companies and worked with other developers/managers from different global regions (USA, Europe, India, Japan)

2.) Android App Developer/Seller. Although this venture is halted, most of my Android projects are found in Google search.

3.) Java Consultant

4.) Maintains 3 blog sites: With significant daily visits.

– ( Software Development )

– ( Cebu Hotels Guide and Booking )

– ( Blog/Media for Cebu Developments )


* change to public image wiki maps, in case screenshot of google maps image is not allowed.



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