The Super Mobile Platform

Not much technical blog posts lately, but there was one time our IT company asked us of any innovative software solution, or basically an “idea”.

On this date, Facebook has become the de Facto internet portal. Even some people in other parts of the world don’t go through a web browser just to view the internet. Although creating an internet content may still come from blogs and other personal websites. Email , still is the basic building structure to create all internet accounts, but as for Web page searches, Google may only be used for academic or work research.

So for my software idea, I was thinking of a One Mobile Platform ( or the Super Mobile Platform ), Much like the Facebook, but with a somehow enhanced or different features. The features I was thinking are the following.

1.) It should be Localized. Per country or region in a country.

2.) Yes it should add and chat with friends, that’s the most important feature it has to have. And as I said it is Localized, so the chat is direct, but the end to end nodes of each interface is localized.

3.) It can receive notification when you paid your latest bills, straight from your local bank or utility service, or any other monthly payments you are enrolled in

4.) It has connectivity to your vehicle and home. Or better yet, to your vehicle and buildings, if you happen to have those.

5.) Should be completely custom on the user’s interests or occupation.

6.) It has a photo sharing function, but strict on photos especially involving people. It should have a Security System to detect stolen pictures, or a fraud account created on your name.

7.) What else?? Maybe a group app, or a collaborator, then again I will go to the design details of each……



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