Why do managers fail?

( It has been around 5 months since my last post here )

First of all, Management requires experience. 3-5 years experience is enough to manage a team of 3-5 people, and around 10 years to manage a team of 20 people or more. Most of the time, managers in IT fail on People Management. Here is a reason; People Management deals on the science of Psychology and experiences dealing with people in different situations. In IT, most people are promoted as Managers for their technical skills and work experience, but their people skills were not measured. It seems that work experience is related to become a good manager, which is not always the case.

Here are the basic rules that a Manager should always keep in mind, and who he/she has to be:

1.) Must anticipate and see the overall picture – Somehow this skill requires experience.

2.) Knows how to breakdown huge tasks – This is very basic. Can even be acquired from training.

3.) Knows how to stand firm and deal with people – This one is mindset. Can be taught but needs experience to be fully practiced.

4.) Last, is to remain humble and approachable – Again this is personality and mindset. Has a very huge impact even your good at all other basic rules mentioned.

5.) Really nice to have: Technical skills and coaching – have this on top of 1-4 and your all good. Although only having this will make you a one man team.

6.) Communication skills – This one is also based on experience ( Speaking, vocabulary and writing skills ), and closely related to 3.) and 4.)

Then why do managers fail? Again, It comes in the failure in any one of these basic rules. It seems so easy and so basic, Managers tend to forget it ( They are human after all ). Again, it comes to experience, hard-work, and thinking out-of-the-box is the key to become a successful Manager.

Note: A-S-S kissing will get you nowhere. It works sometimes, but it is bound to total failure at some point.

Here are some really good links and references:

This one is the best so far: http://www.josebonnin.com/common-reasons-managers-fail/

From an well written, executive style point of view: http://www.bizcoachinfo.com/archives/10315

One single best common reason: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140628010845-61216387-the-1-reason-why-managers-fail

Other tips and observations: http://businesstips.ph/top-12-reasons-why-managers-fail/


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