Google Fiber – Internet and TV at blinding speeds

Google Fiber is a new internet service by Google that provides 1000 Mbs per second ( download and upload ) . That is 100 faster than most internet speeds in the United States. As name suggests, the high internet speeds is achieved by using fiber optic cables with a box receiver in each consumer household. The box receiver is also a Wi-Fi transmitter.

Google Fiber was first launched in Kansas City, Kansas, USA. Then other two cities followed, namely, Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas. Another six US cities are on upcoming construction and three more cities are considered as potentials. See the list here:

According to the Google Fiber Team, the service is not yet available outside the United States since they are still focusing in the current Fiber cities ( Kansas, Provo, Austin ) , but they will soon reach out to further areas.

Here’s the official blog for the latest news

The official Google Fiber webpage:




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