Parallax Webpage effect : Using Materialize CSS

Parallax: A viewing effect that a foreground moves at a faster speed than its background. One example is when your riding a bus or car and you’re looking beside the road. Notice that the trees moves faster than the clouds in the background.

I created a HTML Parallax page using Materialize CSS. Materialize CSS is a Web UI Framework composed of CSS and JS files.

See their about page:

The sample HTML is using the Materialize CSS and JS files compilation provided. the CDN method is not used, so the sample can run offline.

Step 1.

Jquery 2.1.4 is required for Materialize CSS. Also download the Jquery 2.1.4 ( as used for Materialize.js ).
Important:  JQuery should be in the first order of import, then Materialize.js comes next, or else it would not work.

Step 2.

Download the Materialize CSS files here:

Step 3. 

Create the two component files as needed. One for the html where all the Materialize CSS and JS are needed. And the other is the JS file to initialize the Parallax function. The source code is given below.

Here is the HTML Parallax page I created.

Here is the demo from

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="materialize-v0.97.0/materialize/css/materialize.min.css">
<div class="parallax-container">
    <div class="parallax"><img src="../parallax/images/family_mart.jpg"></div>
  <div class="section white">
    <div class="row container">
      <h2 class="header">Parallax</h2>
      <p class="grey-text text-darken-3 lighten-3">Parallax is an effect where the background content or image in this case, is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling.</p>
      <p class="grey-text text-darken-3 lighten-3">Integer vitae justo metus. Etiam ut mauris ut turpis imperdiet hendrerit. Etiam dictum augue neque, eu pulvinar nisi faucibus quis turpis. Suspendisse convallis, felis vitae laoreet rhoncus, magna dui congue nulla. </p>
<div class="parallax-container">
  <div class="parallax"><img src="../parallax/images/cbp.jpg"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-2.1.4.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="materialize-v0.97.0/materialize/js/materialize.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="parallax_init.js"></script>
  <div class="section white">
    <div class="row container">
     <p class="grey-text text-darken-3 lighten-3"> Cebu CM Solutions
      quis augue ac sem suscipit laoreet in quis ipsum. Curabitur enim sapien


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