Picture Catalog in HTML and CSS

I created a picture catalog in using HTML and CSS. I will show the source codes and the sample screen shots. A website picture catalog is a set of pictures shown in a tiles or grid pattern. This displays the products, it’s price and other details. The sample pictures I have are taken from my other site : cebucmhotels.wordpress.com.

I used the Sublime text editor to create HTML and CSS. In the samples, the images will automatically arrange when the resolution is adjusted.

See the sample code below.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="format.css">
<body bgcolor="#181818"> <!-- sets the entire page background -->
<ul class="products">
        <img src="../catalog/sogod.jpg">
        <a href="#" style="color:white">    
            <h4>North Sky Resort Sogod</h4>
            <p>Sogod, Cebu</p>
        <img src="../catalog/rancho-cancio.jpg">
        <a href="#" style="color:white">   
            <h4>Rancho Cancio</h4>
            <p>Busay, Cebu City</p>
        <img src="../catalog/marriot.jpg">
        <a href="#" style="color:white">    
            <p>Cebu Business Park</p>
        <img src="../catalog/plantation-bay.jpg">
        <a href="#" style="color:white">    
            <h4>Plantation Bay</h4>
            <p>Mactan, Cebu</p>
    </li><!-- add more list items -->

ul.products li {
    width: 370px; /* adjust the size of the catalog block */
    display: inline-block; /* this creates the catalog effect */
    text-align: center; /* align the image to center */
    background-color:#282828 ; /* background color of each */
    font-family: "Trebuchet MS", Helvetica, sans-serif; 
    border-radius: 10px; /* rounded borders effect */
    border: 2px solid #585858; /* border and color */



1.) Do it with CSS and HTML first

Seamless Responsive Photo Grid

2.) Product View Grid

Using inline-block to Display a Product Grid View

3.) 3×3 html grid


References using angular JS ( but I did not added angular JS yet )
making a photo slide show with angular JS





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