Hide a textbox and label on dropdown select using Jquery

Here is a sample code on how to hide a text field and its label on dropdown select. See the inline comments for description of each line.

//the "select" drop down has the class name "account_type_class"
//ex. <select id="account-type" class="account_type_class" >	

 //get the selected value. This is the "value" set in jsp
 //assigned to an "option"
 //ex. <option id="a-type_business" value="business">Business</option>		
 var value = $(this).val();

 if(value === "business"){
   //This code shows the label 
   //This code shows the textbox
 //in this case, we hide the label and text box
 if(value === "personal"){

Here’s the JSP code snippet.

<label>Account Type
<select id="account-type" class="account_type_class" >
  <option id="a-type_business" value="business">Business</option>
  <option id="a-type_personal" value="personal">Personal</option>
<label>Account Name <input type="text" name="accountname" id="s-name"></label><br/><br/>
<label for="cust_name">Customer Name <input type="text" name="customername" id="c-name"></label><br/><br/>

jquery-1.11.3.min.js version is used.


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