Key Skills to Become an Efficient Manager

I compiled some important skills that are required to become an efficient Team Manager. These skills are appropriate to any Engineering or Project team.

These are my own set of required skills based on my experience and opinion.

– Communication is Vital
– Be an effective communicator, either by writing or by speaking. Be firm on your words and decisions. This skill is one of the most important when managing a team.

– Know your role
– Know what role will you take on. Set your own tasks and set your team’s tasks. Take active roles on areas you consider yourself an expert.

– Know your team
– To make your team run in full steam, know your team. Know each and everyone’s strengths and weakness. Then you will know where each person will fit in the project.

– Get a Mentor
– For new managers, and even experienced ones, it is better to get a mentor to teach you new skills and techniques.

– Be a Coach
– Guide and Coach each member of the team. Develop each member and maximize their potential. Lift up the team spirit. Get a health check/status of each person everyday.

– Get Relevant Experience
– Experience lets you deal with different situations and problems. You can also listen and gather from the experiences of others, and take it as your own.

– Organize your team
– Organize the team routine and culture. Align each and everyone’s understanding and skills.

– Create a Team Process
– Identify and create a effective working process.

– Identify the External Resources
– Know who to approach even outside the team. Get to know other skilled people.

– Trust the Common Sense
– Decide by logical reason, quick thinking, and common sense.

– Always anticipate
– Be ahead in thinking. always perceive events in advance.

– Trust the Team
– Believe in your team. Don’t doubt, but still keep an eye on their back.

Its quite a lot, and yet there are more skills needed…

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