Philippine Startups and high value outsourcing

I reblogged this post from The Cebu Strides. The article is about Cebu Outsourcing but there is topics here that relate to Software and IT Start-ups.


Here’s some news and links on the Cebu Outsource Industry. As the summary of the news, more companies are doing high value IT services, such as
Business process outsourcing, Software development, Medical Process and other high value services, aside from the voice process outsourcing, which Cebu and
the Philippines is know for.

New players in the Cebu IT industry are as mentioned: United Health Group, ExlService, Cognizant, QBE Insurance, and Manulife and Daimler Group.
Also mentioned also is the 2014 Cebu ICT-BPM Conference where speakers and experts from the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia are gathered.

See the full report here:

There are also organizations that enhance and promote IT start-ups. One is the hack2hatch which offers start-up contests that give out seeding money to the winning teams.

See their website, some news and their Facebook page below:

In my own opinion, I think we should more…

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