HP breaks in two, Facebook to go healthcare and closing the deal with WhatsApp

Tech startups emerge and Tech giants divide to cushion its breakdown. Facebook is on the idea to expand on healthcare, one high profit businesses that Facebook could capitalize on. Facebook has detected some significant data about healthcare advise and other posts that relate to health in general. And in another news, still on Facebook, they are now on the final deal with buying Tech Startup WhatsApp in a 22 billion dollar deal.  WhatsApp is the most popular messaging smartphone application, with major competitors  WeChat ( China ) and Line ( Japan ) coming in second and third respectively.

In another tech news, Tech Giant HP is to breakdown into 2 business units, ( to be named HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Corp. ) this is to save the company from some losses, probably on the home printer business. The company also plans to layoff several workers as reported.

Looks like tech giants are starting to downsize, while successful startups and other new generation tech companies ( such as Facebook, Google ) are gaining ground.

See the links below:

Facebook into health care


HP breaks into two companies




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