Best Programming languages to learn


Java language came to its height of popularity in the early 2000
There are various reason why Java is still the top programming language until 2014

* Available in all aspects of computing
– Yes, Java is everywhere. Java can be used in making small/medium/large scale websites, Desktop applications and mobile/smartphone application development ( Android is derived from Java). It also has front-end and back-end capabilities.

* Java code is somehow an enhanced and improved version of C++. Java is a compile once run anywhere code. So the same Java code is written for any OS available. Java is also integrated to Web frameworks, Database, Network and almost any computing API, Java is available.

* Java as tends to be a not lightweight and has some performance issues, but not that of major concern. For embedded technologies and faster performance, C and C++ is recommended.

2. C++

* A lot of C++ legacy software are still being used today. This is one of the main reasons why C++ is still being created and added on top of some huge legacy infrastructure. But in most industry trends, I have not encountered fresh projects using C++. So I guess its popularity is from its large legacy applications it has built upon, which simply could not be replaced that easily.

* C is mostly used on Backend and Desktop applications.

3. C  

C is very solid on the microcontroller and firmware programming. It provides the best tool for low level access and lightweight in memory usage. With the rise of Industrial Internet, C language will gain more popularity and will be in demand in the future.

4. Web Technologies

Phyton, is currently the most popular backend script. We also have PHP and JavaScript in the list for the most popular Web programs. Ruby is trailing as an alternative to other web programs, such as Java and PHP. Other popular languages, some old and some new, also appear on the list, such as SQL, HTML, PERL, Visual Basic, Go , and etc…

See the full list in this website:

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