Industrial Internet

“Today, people are connected to the internet. Industrial Internet means machines are connected to the internet… which is the future of computing”

Industrial Internet is the new technology in computing. As of this time, Information technology has made the office almost paperless, pictures all in digital and communication seems to have no boundaries. But most use of the internet today is Mass Media, which are news, videos, music and other form of visual entertainment. The internet today also gives us the power of “Social Media” where almost everyone are interconnected and updated with the latest happenings and current events in real time.

Yes, as we know the People are connected to the internet. Everyone uses the internet at work , at home , for entertainment, for news and almost for everything which is essential to human interaction. Now with the Industrial Internet , it will connect all machines and all devices for its own efficiency and monitoring. This is the new age of internet connectivity. As people we are already connected , now is the time that our mechanical inventions will be integrated to the Internet.

A lot of ideas have come out of this industrial internet concept. As an example of Marco Annunziata in his TED talks, he mentioned the medical industry, the airline industry, and energy industry as examples  ….. but these are just three examples only, he might not have gone through all but industrial internet has immense potential,  since all industries can be interconnected to it.

Here are some of my own ideas on industrial internet solutions, and yes all of these are not impossible in the near future.

1. Real time and detailed (street) traffic updates.

2. Data gathering of people entering a shopping mall, gender, age and race/nationality may be detected through facial recognition.

3. Retail preview. Like you can see in the internet what a are the displayed items are in the store, before actually going there.

4. All solutions of each industries are also connected to each other. This is the highlight of Industrial Internet.

Industrial Internet is also related to another computing subject called Big Data… but that is in another concept of discussion.

With the age of the Industrial Internet, it is feared that people will become jobless and machines will take our place. Might be true … but come to think, machines still need humans on their maintenance work. And with a better internet infrastructure, People can now do more things which they enjoy most, like traveling, doing design and arts, entertainment, time with friends and family, enjoying nature and even making new inventions 🙂

See the TED talk video of Marco Annunziata here about Industrial Internet

If you would like to know more on Big Data, here also another TED talk video

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