Software Coding – SPEED vs QUALITY

Here’s a good opinion of Software quality by a former teacher Alvie Balquin. See her LinkedIn profile here:

I would like to add my thoughts as well, but in this case, everything is already summed up perfectly.

—- “QUOTE” ——


I was talking with somebody who is having a problem with software codes with no comments, with magic values, and modules that cannot be easily updated because it greatly affects other modules. In software development we want modules that are highly cohesive and lowly coupled. This is to make sure that a change in one component will not affect other components.

Sounds really theoretical but I think most software developers can relate. The sad thing is, those who cannot finish their work earlier than the deadlines are most of the times considered as high performers without regard to the quality of their codes.

And those who are trying to make things efficient by adhering to the appropriate code design are considered slow even if their codes have less bugs and require less rework. Well, who says life is fair

Speed and Quality should be balanced, but how do we explain this to people with no background in programming and no experience in actual software development?

It’s a Monday… let QUALITY be our mantra for the week.

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