Featured Cebu IT company – Alliance Software

Alliance Software Incorporated is one of the successful IT starups in Cebu. While almost all IT companies in Cebu are owned by foreign corporations,  Alliance Software Inc. is Filipino owned. The company started at just 5 employees, then it now has 200+ staff and is planning to expand to 400 in the future. This company employs some of the best graduates of Cebu’s top universities.

They have a solid customer base in the Japanese IT Market, handles IT manpower contract work, and also has some POS software solutions for the local Cebu and Philippine market. Here’s one of their local products and a testimony from the customer. http://www.alliance.com.ph/news_20121210.html

Former office was in Basak, Mandaue and also in Cebu South. But now they moved to Cebu Business Park. They also have a Manila Branch and a Tokyo, Japan office as well. Here’s the link to their office address: http://www.alliance.com.ph/contact.html

visit the company website:

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