IT News – Microsoft Job Cuts , Oracle CEO steps down

Microsoft has announced major job cuts from their newly acquired Nokia business and also from it own Microsoft staff as well. The Silicon Valley research center is going to be shutdown and some job cuts on the Seattle headquarters are also expected. The job cuts mostly affects the United States.

The Microsoft business has been hit hard recently by more competition in the I.T. market. It still has dominance on the Windows Operating System but on all other areas it lags behind its other competitors. It seems their other expansion projects are not selling to keep up with thier enourmous staff.

Here’s the news links from and

And also just in today… Larry Ellison steps down as Oracle’s Cheif Executive. This is not very surprising since this is part of the succession plan, and Mr. Larry Ellison is alrady 70 years Old. Some other names are to take over the leadership in Oracle, but Larry Ellison will be working in the background as the executive chairman.

Here the link from about the Oracle CEO stepdown

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