Starting up with MongoDB

Here’s how to install MongoDB in Windows OS

1. Download here:

2. Type “wmic os get osarchitecture” in ( cmd ) command line to determine if 32 or 64 bit for Windows.

3. Download takes approximately 20 mins or less.

Note: size of file is 132 MB

4. Install

5. Make sure to run this command >
“C:\Program Files\MongoDB 2.6 Standard\bin\mongod.exe” –dbpath C:\MongoTest\data ( change the appropriate paths )

If you don’t do this command, then you will encounter this error. See below:


6. After 5 is completed you will get this screen, and the \data folder will have these contents



7. run mongo.exe open the open the MongoDB shell. This should be the result.


8. This is all set, now we can create a Java Application that can access the MongoDB

Installation is described here more in detail:

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