IBM Websphere Basics

Websphere debugging basics

location of logs:

location of start/stop Websphere

Change the order of classloader, when getting ClassNotFoundException
>applications/application_name/Manage Modules/module_name

Find the host name and port of the server
>Server/Server Types/WebSphere

WAS configuration files are found

see this website here for complete debugging Websphere:

Organization of WAS cell and clustering

Node – is an organized app server.

Deployment Manager – the administrator (special node) of all WAS node/servers this group is called cell.

cluster – is a group of nodes. these nodes are grouped to for a more efficient load balancing inside the WAS http server. This does not include the Load balancer that accepts the internet HTTP request. the more cluster of nodes, it likely  to be distributed more inside the cell of multiple clusters

Clustering is better explained here


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