More Android Basics

( revived from October 13, 2013 post )

Android is developed using the Java language, so if you were familiar with the Java Swing GUI toollkit, Android Java functions are just similar.

In Android, the “main()” method comparable to C, C++, Java is the “onCreate()” method in

Also make sure to arrange the text fields and buttons so it may not overlap. You may use the “android:layout_below=” in the /layout/activity_main.xml.


Starting to Create Android Applications

If you would like to create Andriod applications you may refer to this site

You may download android SDK here

Here you may try the Android “Hello World”

Basically Andriod development is in Java Language. Then with Java it is
integrated with Eclipse IDE.

The Andriod SDK already comes with an Eclipse IDE.
To test the Android code, you need to add an Andriod Phone Simulator ( Usually Google Nexus ) called AVD ( Android Virtual Device ) . See the strings.xml file under /values folder. This is where the “Hello World” String is defined. See “Hello World” screenshot below.

Creating an Image in Android

Here’s how you can insert images in your Android App development.

1.) make an entry on /layout/activity_main.xml
an example entry would be like:

android:src=”@drawable/yellowandroid” />

2.) add an image in the drawable-hdpi folder and also in drawable-mdpi folder
3.) make sure the “android:src=” value would match the ImageView xml entry. *.jpg may be omitted in ImageView.

Android imaging and graphics design is in much more bigger topic to be covered. But anyway I also include a video here from Google graphics developer Chet Haase for some advanced Android graphics.



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