Create a new Android Project in Eclipse

( This post is revived from November 13, 2013 on my previous blog site )

Here’s a guide on how to create an Android Software Project in Eclipse. First you need to download the Android SDK from google. It comes with Eclipse already.

1.)  Right click on the Project Explorer tab and select “New”> “Project”
2.)  In the wizard window select “Android”>”Android Application Project”
3.)  The “New Android Application” window opens. Type on the Application name, then it will auto fill on the Project Name and Package Name.
4.)  Also select the Minimum Required SDK from lowest version to highest. Selecting SDK version will matter for the availability of Activity Pages.
5.)  On the next window in “Configure Launcher Icon”, you may select a launcher icon. this icon will be the launch icon on your Android Phone. Example is that blue “f” square icon for Facebook or the “g+” red square icon in Google.
6.) Then select the Activity, Blank Activity is the most basic, then moving to Master/Detail Flow which will have more complicated auto-generated framework code.


I just updated this post with screenshots.


new_project  android_application android_iconactivity

4 thoughts on “Create a new Android Project in Eclipse

  1. Thanks a lot for writig this post, although I don’t completely agree with you.

    I would like to know what platform this site is built on top.
    Could you tell me? Is this the best platform? I would like to know before I begin writiing blogs.
    Thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi thanks for the comment.

    In which part you did not agree?

    The Android Eclipse platform I used is the one provided by Google ( This was last 2013, so they may have updates now ), But there might be other choices out there I do not know of.

    Just keep in touch I might post more topics out of my little Android experiments.


  3. Thanks for dropping by too. I’ve been doing some simple Android projects last year ( 2013 ). I still have some Android tricks I haven’t posted yet. Try uploading in Samsung since they will really test your application and they won’t accept it unless it passes. In that way I have improved a bit. Google Play store does not test your submitted applications.


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